The inherent mysticism of crystals and stones guides my work.


Each piece is lovingly handcrafted according to the stone itself, with care taken to ensure the individual stone is best housed by the metal surrounding it. The resulting pieces are as uniquely alluring as the people who ultimately wear them.


Lovers of nature, crystals, and organic forms will be inspired by the quiet protection each Twin Flame Jewels piece brings to the wearer.




Intention is the essence of the Twin Flame Jewels creation process — from the design phase to stone selection and setting.

Twin Flame Jewels are created through lost wax casting and metal smithing. Lost wax involves carving an object out of wax using tools and heat manipulation. The waxes are sprued and fused onto a rubber base, called a “sprue base”. Then a metal flask is placed over the sprue base and the waxes.

Investment (refractory plaster) is poured into the flask, until full and hardens. Then the wax is burned out, and silver, bronze, brass, or gold is filled into the negative space, to create the final product! Cleaning up and finishing a single piece can take hours.

Metal smithing involves manipulation of the metal (silver) using soldering and hammering techniques. This process is more involved for the maker. Unlike wax molds, which can be reused, each piece made through this process is one of a kind.

I support other small businesses on Philadelphia’s Jewelers Row and use sustainably and ethically sourced stones.